Top things people think about when moving house

Are you looking to move house in 2017? If you are, you might be interested in a new survey of 2000 adults which has revealed the top 50 things people think about when they’re moving house. The things that were highest on people’s list were:

1. If parking outside is going to be easy

2. The council tax banding

3. How much it would cost you in total

4. How noisy the neighbours are

5. How recently the boiler was fitted

6. What the local crime rates are like

7. Where the nearest supermarket is

8. What the neighbours are like

9. Do the radiators work properly?

10. Whether there are local regular buses

The survey was conducted by home security specialist Yale who were surprised that ‘what the local crime rates are like’ only made it to number 6 in the list as they’d expected it to be much higher. Their MD, Nigel Fisher, told the Sun: “We would always advise checking out the local neighbourhood for signs of well-maintained buildings. In addition, check door locks are up to insurance standards, and check windows and front doors for signs of break-ins.

“According to the Home Office, figures have highlighted that you are almost twice as likely to be burgled in the first 12 months of being in a new home, so security should be at the forefront of people’s minds when moving.

“People often don’t consider who has keys to their home. It’s important to consider the previous owner may have shared keys with neighbours, friends, family. So we recommend replacing your locks’ cylinder as one of the easiest and most cost-effective methods of protecting your home from intruders.”

Reducing the risks

As well as checking that your new home is secure, you should make sure that you use a legitimate removals company to move your belongings or you could be risking giving someone untrustworthy access to your most prized processions. Beware ‘man with a van’ companies on social media offering to do moves ‘cash in hand’ as they could be criminals. If you’re in the Warrington/Wigan area, opt for Alexander-Hough Removals, a family company.