Planning to move house in 2017? Five things you should buy now

There are some great bargains to be had as the January sales come to an end so why not get involved? It doesn’t matter if you’re planning on moving home in a matter of weeks or months, there’s no reason why you can’t go shopping (although putting it on plastic isn’t a good idea as you want your credit score to be as good as possible if you’re going to be applying for a mortgage.)

Here are our recommendations:

  • A new duvet – Lots of stores have reduced their winter tog duvets which is good news if you’re wanting to start afresh in your new home. Why not buy one now and keep it in its packaging until you move in? You could pick up some pillows and a duvet cover set as well if you spot one that you like.
  • Christmas tree – If your current tree has seen better days, there’s going to be little point getting it down from the loft to move it to your new house. Why not treat yourself to some cut-price decorations too?
  • New furniture – If you see a piece of furniture you like at a great price, why wait? You can use it to dress your current home to make it look more appealing to potential buyers and then when it’s time to move house, you can take it with you.
  • Lawnmower – If you have a garage or shed to store one, why not pick up a new lawnmower, especially if you’re hoping to move to a property with a large garden.
  • Calendar and diary – You can pick up calendars and diaries for next to nothing and if you don’t have any, you need to get one of each ASAP as there will be plenty of important dates to remember this year as you get ready for viewings and arrange solicitors, removals etc. If you want your move to go smoothly, it pays to be organised. Consider renting a storage unit to hide clutter and other belongings whilst you’re trying to sell your home and when you know when your moving day will be, book your removal company straight away.