New Year, new start- 5 reasons why January is the best time to get moving


Many people are wary of planning house removals for the winter months, and especially the main holiday season, but there are actually plenty of good reasons why January is an excellent time for residential property moves.

Here are five of the best arguments why house removals in January make perfect sense...

1. Longer Days

The winter days may offer less sunlight, but by January they are already getting longer, and just the few extra minutes each day can make it much easier to get things done.

Remember this will continue once you're moved into the new property too, so that by the longer days of spring you should be settled in and ready to use those lighter evenings for more in-depth decorating.

2. Overdue Moves

There's nearly always a good reason to move house, but if you've been putting it off since the summer, you could be nearly half a year past first wanting to move.

If you delayed a residential property move because you didn't want to do it at Christmas, then January is the perfect time to get going again.

3. Boxing Day

Local businesses may have a surplus of packaging leftover from Christmas that you can borrow to put your valuables in for the move - or you might have some big boxes of your own from Christmas presents, if you're lucky.

If not, don't worry, as we have purpose-built packing crates for house removals available on request, so just ask for details if you're having problems getting everything boxed up in advance of your moving day.

4. Christmas Spirit

The festive spirit fades fast once January arrives, but if you're lucky you can catch the tail end of it and persuade friends and family to help you with your house move.

Our 'man with a van' service is ideal if you need transport but have some willing volunteers to pitch in with the loading and unloading, rather than requiring a full home removals service.

5. Last Christmas

Nobody's suggesting you destroy your old house a week before moving out of it, especially if new buyers are moving into it - but it can be very liberating knowing it will be your last Christmas in a particular property.

You can entertain guests without worrying so much about spillages (again, assuming no new buyers are keeping the carpets!) or pack up valuables ready for your house move before the holidays begin, so there's no chance of breakages.

Plus you can ask for gift vouchers or homewares as Christmas gifts, making it easier to get the perfect bits and bobs you need to settle into your new place in January.