How to have an eco-friendly house move

If you care about the environment and want to do your bit to protect it then there are 4 steps you should take when moving home.

1.       Declutter sooner rather than later

Sorting through your belongings and recycling or donating to charity anything you no longer need or want can be a great idea, rather than packing it and transporting it to your new home. You should only bin anything you can’t recycle or donate as adding to landfill is definitely not eco-friendly.

2.       Think about your packing materials

It can be tempting to buy a million and one boxes and rolls of bubble wrap and then bin any you don’t end up using but this is very wasteful. It’s much better to only buy what you need and pack well. 

3.       Choose the right cleaning products

You’ll want to clean your current home as you move out so it’s nice for the new owners and hopefully the people leaving your new home will do the same for you. It can be tempting to go overboard with bleach and different disinfectants but this isn’t ideal if they contain lots of chemicals that are harmful to the environment. Instead, choose green, non-toxic cleaning products or have a go at making your own. Click here for ideas and inspiration >

4.       Hire a local removals company

Don’t choose a removals company that’s from miles away, go local. The fewer miles the removal van has to travel, the less diesel it’ll need. If you’re from the Wigan/Warrington area why not give AH Removals a call on 01925 492000 or email [email protected].